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What we offer


At Monford Diamonds we specialise in supplying quality diamonds to meet client requirements based on the specific characteristics of a single diamond or two or more matching stones. Monford diamonds is not a jeweller, we supply graded and ungraded stones to our customers where there is a desire for a more bespoke individual requirement.

The diamonds we supply may be sourced from our own stock or we can source from the market sources where we have a network of contacts; we can also arrange for stones to be set and for a very bespoke service in relation to design and production of jewellery.

The stones we supply may be graded (see Our diamonds) or may be ungraded. Any ungraded diamonds will still have a certificate showing its characteristics as well as a replacement value for insurance purposes.

Our other services include the occasional sale of fine pieces of vintage and antique jewellery, the sale of gemstones other than diamonds and a very special service relating to the redesign or  sale (or part sale)  of an item of jewellery 



Grading Process 






Our Graded Diamonds

We supply and source a comprehensive range of diamonds in various cuts and qualities as defined by International gemology laboratories;
We may also supply diamonds graded by ourselves and whilst these may be of a perceived lower quality they may offer excellent value.






Graded diamond dealer in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire


A History Of Diamonds

Find our More about the history of diamonds....   




Other Gem Stones We Stock

Diamonds are not the only gem stones we stock. 









Jewellery Collections

While we mainly deal in diamonds and gem stones, we also stock, from time to time, a number of special antique and vintage items. some of these will be on display in the Swan Antique Centre in Tetsworth, Oxfordshire or are available directly. Please contact us for further information.

Graded diamond dealer in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, Monford Diamonds.