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Our Graded Diamonds may include both diamonds graded by ourselves as well as those graded by respected laboratories. Ungraded stones that we acquire may receive our own grading certificates or be graded by the International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (“IIDGR – A DeBeers company -see IIDGR) ; we will also on occasion acquire diamonds graded by other laboratories (“GIA”, HRD, Anchor etc) ;

Where we seek to match stones, we may well suggest  GIA graded stones as these will often offer the most accurate market comparable data. alternative stones graded by other laboratories may also be appropriate depending on individual requirements

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   Graded Diamonds Catalogue

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Purchasing Graded Diamonds From Monford Diamonds 

We carry stock of graded and ungraded diamonds to purchase or we can source graded diamonds from the market at very competitive prices. We can advise on suitable diamonds based on a specific budget, design or to match an existing stone - perhaps to make a pair of studs or a multiple stone ring.







Find Our More About The Diamond Grading Process

please see our details on the grading process so you can appreciate what is involved in assessing a diamond