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Gold earrings with matching graded diamonds in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire

Antique and Vintage Jewellery

We acquire many pieces of antique and vintage jewellery. Many of these items are redesigned  and others are held for resale either directly through this website or from our retail unit at Tetsworth.





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Our current jewellery outlet is at the Swan antique centre in Oxfordshire








Purchasing From The Jewellery Collection

We regularly acquire stock from various sources. We may well sell items through the Swan at Tetsworth or directly.  We may change an item acquired from something that is perhaps less attractive to today's tastes (maybe a broach) to something much more in vogue - perhaps a beautiful pendant necklace. In doing so we maintain the items as being of antique or vintage origin but with subtle changes to make it attractive piece of modern jewellery.  

We may undertake these changes to an item of  jewellery that has been purchased or inherited by clients.

 The Swan Auction House. Our outlet in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire