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Redesign an item

We provide a comprehensive service through which we will discuss and suggest ways that a piece of jewellery might be adapted for for more modern wear. This may be appropriate where a piece of jewellery has been inherited and has some sentimental value but its style is too old fashioned for modern day wear. 

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Stone retention or resetting

We are able to assess an item of jewellery and discuss whether a particular diamond (or group of diamonds) in an existing item might be removed , assessed (and graded) and then retained for use in newly designed item of jewellery. The remaining stones or setting may be sold to us and proceeds used, perhaps to pay for the cost of the new item (or at least part of it).

This service may be particularly where an inherited item includes a primary diamond (or other gem stone) which a member of a family wishes to keep for , perhaps, an engagement ring.

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To find out more about our solutions

Please email us with details of the item in question and with a few images from various angles. Also provide with as much detail as you have regarding the principal stones and what you might have in mind for a new setting if that is what you would like.