Selling Your Jewellery


There may be many reasons why a piece of jewellery is to be sold. On many occasions the decision is driven by the need to liquidate an estate or where someone has inherited or has been gifted  an item which they do not wish to keep. There are various ways of disposing of a piece of unwanted jewellery:-

The most common methods of selling jewellery is either though the auction process or selling directly to retail Jewellers. With the auction process you will be given an auction estimate (range) by the auction house which will then offer the item at auction. Remember though that the auction house will charge a fee (its sellers' premium) - of up to 20% plus VAT. So you may pay away almost a quarter of auction sale (hammer) price. Also Retail Jewellers will often offer a lower price to account for the fact that they have overheads and need to make a profit. 

We will also advise clients whether it is best to sell an item of have it altered (perhaps a broach changed to a pendant) or perhaps a whether a part-sale should be considered where a dominant or significant diamond in a piece of jeweller should be kept , perhaps for later use in an engagement ring. We will make offers on part items returning key stones (and can have these graded separately). this is a very bespoke service so please contact us with us much detail as possible.




Sell Your Jewellery to Us

 Selling your jewellery to us

Please use the contact us page to let us have as much information as possible regarding the item you wish to sell.